Richard has just released a new CD, "You're Home Now". If you’d like to stream any or all of the songs, read the lyrics, see the liner notes, check out the musicians, you can do so on his Bandcamp website: You can also pay to download any or all of the songs there. Hard copies are available through Richard's store from CD Baby.








What DJs

Have Written About Richard's last CD

            Now and Then:

       Richard Berman's latest work--Now & Then- just builds on all the wonderful stories and insights he has composed over the years and goes to a whole other level- songs of longing, loving, and emotion capped with a brilliant trilogy on the tale of The Prodigal Son from the three different viewpoints. One word review for this CD would be   "Brilliant".

Bill Hahn, co-host of  "Traditions" on WFDU
                                           Teaneck, N.J.

            The Prodigal Son trilogy is a terrific three song expansion of a concept presented from three points of view - something I don't think I've ever seen done quite this way before on any album of original songs. It's the musical equivalent of an actor in a one-person show deftly switching character and perfectly presenting the same story through the eyes of three different people. For my money, the songs "You, Me and Bobbie McGee" and "Blessings" are worth the price of admission alone.

Jeff Emery, host of "Backroads" on KZSC        
                                         Santa Cruz, CA

           Richard Berman's music could be described as the contemplative sound track for a life richly lived, for the person who is in love with their spouse, family, and friends, and understands that a life well lived is not without questions or regrets.   Employing beautifully spare arrangements, Berman combines articulate, thoughtful lyrics with soothing melodies.  His voice is warm and mellow, perfectly able to convey the complex spiritual and intellectual themes that are explored throughout his songs.

Maggie Ferguson, host of "The Old Front Porch" on WXOU
                      Rochester, MI


           Richard Berman's Now and Then is a stellar work from a craftsman of story and melody. These dozen tunes allow you a look through Berman's personal memories, simultaneously allowing you to access your own rear view mirror, since the CD is rife with universal themes- love for women, song, lost romance and Momma Earth touch the memories of us all, whether sweet or bitter. "You, Me and Bobbie McGee" puts me behind the wheel of my own memories, thanks to Richard Berman's willingness to share his.  He offers up "Mister Guitar Player" and "The Prodigal Son Trilogy" to lift our thoughts out of despair and infuse them with pleasant reflection, productive  retrospective and yes, even hope. In the landscape of new music - give yourself a leisurely listen to Now and Then and pass it on to your friends.           

                            Sonnie Brown, host of "The Minstrel Song Show" KCBX                             FM-90, San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara California USA